What is #SexPleasureRights?

A project of the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR)#SexPleasureRights is a creative series that seeks to amplify conversation, dialogue and curiosity on what it means to conceptualize sexual pleasure as an inherent and integral part of personal & political advocacy across diverse movements for social, economic, gender, racial and ecological justice.

We invite submissions that reflect on and expand our own personal experiences with organizing and advocacy around sexuality, while trying to push the boundaries of our feminist discourses, practices and approaches to the issue of sexual pleasure.

We want to create a space to celebrate, with frank and candid openness, the rights to speak about our sexualities, and our experiences & desires for pleasure.

We are particularly interested in voices and ideas of young people (anywhere from age 13 – 35), with submissions from feminists/activists/artists/educators/organizers of all ages across the Global South welcome. No previous experience blogging, writing, filming necessary. Share your views!