Single Woman in a Cafe

By Hidden Pockets

Image Credit: Juhi Agarwal

Image: Art by Juhi Agarwal

We often stop ourselves from even thinking about our pleasures. We think pleasure is a bad thing. Here is a story of a young woman who fights her thoughts to seek some sort of pleasure in her life 



Transcript (2:27):


Hi guys! We are Team Hidden Pockets. We are a start-up by young feminists. We map services on sexual and reproductive health in cities. We also create podcasts, conduct studies, and walk the cities. Hope you'll like the podcast!


Hi. One cappuccino, please. Thanks.

Where do I sit now? Um ... oh there, got it. Good Coffee, yum! Hmm hm hmm hm hmmm hmm...

Hey, who's that? And why is he staring at me?

Is there something wrong with my face? .... No, it looks fine.

Oh, he's staring at the chair next to me. Hmm.

He looks so handsome.

Will he come sit next to me?


What should I ask him?

What if he speaks to me?

Am I looking fine?

... God... I should have worn something good ...


WAIT. Stop it, Nandini.
This is not right. You shouldn't feel like this.

Stop it.

Good girls don't behave like this.

What if the family gets to know?


But he's SO handsome. And I want him beside me. Hold my hand, and tell me how beautiful I am, and how much he loves me.

No, Nandini!
Come out of these disgusting thoughts.


But, I don't want to come out. ... I feel beautiful.

Oh he's coming towards me. Gasp! I'm getting nervous.

Oh my gosh he smiled! I'll faint...


Hi. Yes the chair is vacant, you can take it.


Ohhhh ....



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About the Contributors

Hidden Pockets is a Feminist Start up that maps the cities of India and locates the pleasure centers: up talking about cities and pleasure. Pleasure can be happiness derived from a walk, from reading a book, from exploring a city while listening to a song, finding a guy you like smiling at you,enjoying yourself at your own pace and rhythm. The city is divided into spaces and zones and one is always taught to enjoy a city in certain ways.  We try to visualize a city and map it on the basis of various facets. We try to see cities in a new light via audio podcasts,digital maps, photo essays and a blog. In our pilot project, we aim to curate hidden spaces of Delhi, ‘Pleasure Pockets’ in our words and re-invent the image of Delhi from being “unsafe for women” and a heritage city, to a space which is accessible and welcomes everyone.

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